Inukshuk display U-IG

Starting at $261.00

Inukshuk display IG for 60 pcs (1dz of ea.)

That attractive display can be adapted to your region!

Those cute and adorable Inukshuits (when more than it is what we say)

are in white aurora borealis (sparkle a bit) and will be successfull with tourists as Canadian Souvenirs. The display includes;

1dzx IGS (set) 7.75 instead of $8 when bought by dz only

1dzx IGE (ear.) $3.50 instead of 3.75

1dzx IGN (chain only) 3,50 instead of 3,75

1dzx IGB (complete bracelet) 4.50 instead of 4.75

***Can be choosed by dz on the site but to obtain a custom display and break price you must at least bought $200-250 purchase and the amounts will be adjusted when we will prepare invoice passing directly to 1-877-952-5050 (don’t pay!) just push option at the end of your cart “bring to my account” *Important!

We will do your own logo header cards, if needed FREE!

ALL made in Canada!

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