Trésors des Océans

A.k.a T.D.O. is a Canadian Wholesaler Manufacturer of Tourism Interest Jewelry Souvenir since 35 years. Our products are mostly Canadian made and we have very competitives prices. Our specialty is theme Gift & Jewelry from everything on earth, just ask. We offer a customized service very appreciated from our clients. We affix your logo and region on all your jewelry and souvenir cards. All free of charge!

When you register and fill the cart, at the end when normally it is time to pay, just click “Bring to my account” the order will come to us and we will confirm or contact you as soon as possible to finalized if you are a new customer (we don’t collect payment because mostly of the time our orders includes often customized products, terms so it is easier like that) ***WE SELL WHOLESALE ONLY

We give you the opportunity to realize your ideas with our Laser and Sublimation very affordable prices. Contact us for all your questions and it will be a great pleasure to talk to you.

Have fun!

Yolande from TDO