Whale Tail display U-P73

Starting at $252.00

Whale tail display U-P73 of 48pcs was customized for a customer, for her region, but we can custom the top wood display as you want for free!

The pretty and delicate whale tails 1.5cm(5/8″) are Rhodium plated in silver and Rhodium plated 18ct for the golden ones.

They are high quality and always competitive price from us!

The chain 45cm(18″) and the hook earrings are exactly the same quality as the pendant, they don’t tarnish and are hypo.

The whale tails are embellish with fancy crystals.

Very nice line for sure.

The display contains;

12x P72E (silver) for 3.75ea. instead of $4 for a dz.

12x P73E (golden) for 3.75ea. instead of $4

12x P72N chain/pendant for 6.75 instead of $7 for a dz.

12x P73N chain/pendant  for 6.75 instead of $7

*Carded with your logo or as your header top display! It is all include!

(just to be mention about the logo or words at the end of your shopping cart OR call us directly)



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